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We are excited to take the next step in the evolution of Classic Lamp Parts. For the last 7 years we have been working to make our Lighting and Lamp Parts Hardware Catalog a valuable tool for our customers.

During that same time frame, we have been steadily improving our service levels. Now we offer industry leading service levels including:

  • 24 hour average shipping lead time
  • 98% fill rate
  • On-line ordering options
  • 3 Level Quantity Price Breaks (Be sure to get your updated price list) *We are wholesale only

Also during that time, the number one question that we have been asked is: “When are you going to offer Glass?”

So FINALLY we are able to answer: “This Year!”

Classic Lamp Parts is pleased to announce our brand new (and first) Lighting Glass Catalog! Many items are already in stock, and more are arriving all the time. Your continued support has made this possible and we thank you for that every day.


Michael Jackson and Your Classic Lamp Parts Team

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